Building a Custom Swing Set

Sometimes it’s good to spend some time away from the computer and do some real hands-on work. Last weekend I planned and built a swing set for my 3 kids to use and enjoy, and to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. It turned out pretty big – I used 10-foot long supports and a 16-foot long top beam this time around instead of 8-foot supports and a 12-foot beam like last time.

Future plans include a fort attached to the right side as well – perhaps in the spring :). Continue reading Re-launch: The Spam Never Stops

Over the holidays, I spent about 20 hours spread out over a few days to build and launch the new Go check out how an inbox looks (in this case,

But wait. Why would I launch a new project when I just recently committed to concentrating on a single project? Because I wanted to learn and experiment with a few things that will ultimately help me with my main project. Namely: New methods of Node.js scaling and deployment, and experimenting with some new JavaScript features and build systems. I have already learned a lot on those two fronts just making and deploying Disposeamail that will get integrated back into ChurchMint and other projects over the next few weeks. Continue reading

Selling My Passive Income Stream:

I recently sold – a website that I created, and have owned and operated since 2008. Over the years, it has gained a lot of traction and popularity, and is heavily trafficked – the most heavily and consistently trafficked website I have ever owned (about 3,500 uniques per weekday). It was a really tough decision selling the website, but in the end – it was the right time to do it.

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Countism App Icon

Countism is a mobile app idea that I have been working on and thinking about for a long time. Even though I have been thinking of the idea for a while and even did some initial work, I did not plan to actually build and release the app – that was always a question that was up in air. My initial work was really just experimental to see if it was something I could build easily enough to make it worth the effort, and to see if my idea would be viable in app form.

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I just re-launched SoundingBoard as a new blog to help non-technical people learn how to evaluate their app ideas.

During my time running Brightbit (a web development studio), I met with a lot of people about their app ideas. Some were bad and crazy, but most of the ideas I heard were good ideas that just lacked the critical thinking steps necessary to determine basic viability or technical feasibility. Continue reading