Disabled Comments

After switching back to WordPress from a static blog that did not have any comments, I left comments on out of curiosity to see what would happen. Sure enough, within a few days, I already had over 20 spam comments to moderate. I just switched comments back off, and don’t plan on turning them on anytime soon. They are too much of a hassle a police. There are lots of ways to contact me if you need help or clarification on any of my posts.

Switching from Middleman Back to WordPress

After a little over 2 years on Middleman, I decided to move my blog back to WordPress. Middleman – and static blogs in general – are a good idea in general (especially for security and performance), but I found it more difficult to write and contribute to my own blog on a regular, ongoing basis. This was especially noticeable after I started working for NetSuite instead of contracting, because I was no longer doing all of my work on my own personal laptop everyday. Continue reading


Countism App Icon

Countism is a mobile app idea that I have been working on and thinking about for a long time. Even though I have been thinking of the idea for a while and even did some initial work, I did not plan to actually build and release the app – that was always a question that was up in air. My initial work was really just experimental to see if it was something I could build easily enough to make it worth the effort, and to see if my idea would be viable in app form.

Continue reading


I just re-launched SoundingBoard as a new blog to help non-technical people learn how to evaluate their app ideas.

During my time running Brightbit (a web development studio), I met with a lot of people about their app ideas. Some were bad and crazy, but most of the ideas I heard were good ideas that just lacked the critical thinking steps necessary to determine basic viability or technical feasibility. Continue reading

Fixing Homebrew on OSX 10.10 Yosemite

If you upgraded to OSX 10.10 Yosemite, and now have a broken homebrew, fear not

  • the homebrew team has already fixed this!

Luckily, the steps to fix it are fairly simple.

First, update homebrew via git:

cd /usr/local/Library git pull origin master

Next, use homebrew to update and clean your installed packages:

brew update brew prune brew doctor

Now you should be all set!


I originally found (and tweeted about) this article when searching for a fix, but ran into more issues after editing the brew.rb file, and eventually came to the solution of updating homebrew itself after seeing that the homebrew team had fixed the issue themselves.