Backend web programming and mobile are my primary strengths, though I do have quite a lot of knowledge of frontend and design techniques, languages, and tools as well.

Skill Chart

Updated on January 3, 2014

LanguageTimeSkill Level
PHP13+ years
PHP was my first langauge, and the vast majority of my professional career and personal projects have been with PHP.

and CoffeeScript

10+ years
Experience with Node.js, Backbone, jQuery + jQuery UI and others, created Frisby.js, mobile development with Titanium. Organizer of OKC.js.

Hypermedia APIs

3+ years
I love producing high-quality Hypermedia APIs. I made an HTTP framework, a PHP library, and have given several talks at conferences.

PostgreSQL + MySQL

10+ years
Not afraid to write my own complex queries. Aware of concepts like covering indexes, subqueries, triggers, views and window functions.
Mobile Development4+ years
iPhone and Android apps with the Titanium framework, push notifications, custom layouts, etc. Good knowledge of UI patterns and guidelines.
Ruby / Ruby on Rails4+ years
Advanced to High
Worked on lots of Rails apps, a Rails engine, and helped publish a gem. haven't quite put in my 10,000 hours yet ;)

plus HAML and SLIM

10+ years
I know my way around all aspects of HTML, but I consider myself more of a backend guy, so I try not to focus on it.

and recently SASS

10+ years
I know most selectors and properties by heart, but haven't quite dug into more advanced CSS like media queries, animations, etc.
Graphic Design / Photoshop5+ years
I know enough to produce basic graphics, cutup layouts, and do basic image altering, resizing, cropping, etc. I'm not a designer :).
Python< 1 year
Though I have produced working production Python code for a high-traffic API, I don't know nearly as much as I wish I did. I would love to learn more.