Updated on January 10, 2017

Language Time Skill Level
JavaScript 15+ years
My current language of choice. Experience with Node.js, React, Backbone, Angular, jQuery + jQuery UI and others. Created Frisby.js for REST API testing. Have experience with mobile development with React Native and Titanium.
PHP 15+ years
PHP was my first language, and the vast majority of my professional career and personal projects have been with PHP.

Hypermedia APIs

5+ years
I love producing high-quality Hypermedia APIs. I made a PHP Hypermedia library, to make switching between output formats easier. I am currently working on producing a JavaScript/NPM package that does the same thing.

PostgreSQL + MySQL

13+ years
Not afraid to write my own complex queries. Aware of concepts like covering indexes, subqueries, triggers, views and window functions.
Mobile Development 6+ years
iPhone and Android apps with React Native (JavaScript), Turbolinks (native iOS and Android), and the Titanium framework (JavaScript). Have built apps with push notifications, custom layouts, etc. Good knowledge of UI patterns and guidelines.
Ruby / Ruby on Rails 6+ years
Advanced to High
Worked on lots of Rails apps, a Rails engine, and helped publish a gem.

plus HAML, SLIM, and Jade

15+ years
Advanced to Expert
I know my way around all aspects of HTML.

plus Sass, Less, and Stylus

15+ years
I know most selectors and properties by heart, but haven’t quite dug into more advanced CSS like animations.
Graphic Design / Photoshop 8+ years
I know enough to produce basic graphics, cutup layouts, and do basic image altering, resizing, cropping, etc. I’m not a designer :).
Python < 1 year
Though I have produced working production Python code for a high-traffic API, I don’t know nearly as much as I wish I did. I would love to learn more.