Disposeamail.com Re-launch: The Spam Never Stops

Over the holidays, I spent about 20 hours spread out over a few days to build and launch the new Disposeamail.com. Go check out how an inbox looks (in this case, asdf@disposeamail.com).

But wait. Why would I launch a new project when I just recently committed to concentrating on a single project? Because I wanted to learn and experiment with a few things that will ultimately help me with my main project. Namely: New methods of Node.js scaling and deployment, and experimenting with some new JavaScript features and build systems. I have already learned a lot on those two fronts just making and deploying Disposeamail that will get integrated back into ChurchMint and other projects over the next few weeks. Continue reading

Speaking at Confoo Vancouver 2016

I was happy to be invited to speak at Confoo Vancouver 2016. I have spoken at Confoo Montreal in the past (2011, 2012), and it is always a very informative and well run conference.

You Don’t Know Node.js

Node.js can be a powerful platform used in the right situations, but it also has more footguns than PHP does for new developers. Asynchronous programming style, concurrency issues, error handling, the event loop, and no default timeouts for HTTP requests or network calls will give new developers more than their fair share of troubles. This talk gives a thorough introduction to node.js and the event loop model, and covers common pitfalls to avoid.

Source: https://github.com/vlucas/presentation-slides-you-dont-know-nodejs/
Slides: https://vlucas.github.io/presentation-slides-you-dont-know-nodejs/

Effective Browser JavaScript Debugging

Did you know that your web browser has a full suite of built-in JavaScript debugging tools? With the developer tools in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, you can debug JavaScript on the fly with breakpoints, watch expressions, an interactive REPL with autocomplete, and much more. Learn how to troubleshoot bugs and memory leaks like a pro, armed with the same web browser you already use everyday – no extra plugins or downloads required.

Content: https://github.com/vlucas/presentation-slides-js-browser-debugging/
Slides: https://vlucas.github.io/presentation-slides-js-browser-debugging/

Selling My Passive Income Stream: JSCompress.com

I recently sold JSCompress.com – a website that I created, and have owned and operated since 2008. Over the years, it has gained a lot of traction and popularity, and is heavily trafficked – the most heavily and consistently trafficked website I have ever owned (about 3,500 uniques per weekday). It was a really tough decision selling the website, but in the end – it was the right time to do it.

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Return Field Errors in Your JSON Error Response

While developing the new Job board for Techlahoma (soon to launch), I decided to customize the JSON error response to include a field_errors key with a dictionary of the field names submitted, and the error message that maps to that field. This allows me to more easily create in-context error validation feedback for users without having to implement additional client-side validation. A huge win for productivity, and a really nice feature for anyone implementing the JSON API. Continue reading

Disabled Comments

After switching back to WordPress from a static blog that did not have any comments, I left comments on out of curiosity to see what would happen. Sure enough, within a few days, I already had over 20 spam comments to moderate. I just switched comments back off, and don’t plan on turning them on anytime soon. They are too much of a hassle a police. There are lots of ways to contact me if you need help or clarification on any of my posts.

Switching from Middleman Back to WordPress

After a little over 2 years on Middleman, I decided to move my blog back to WordPress. Middleman – and static blogs in general – are a good idea in general (especially for security and performance), but I found it more difficult to write and contribute to my own blog on a regular, ongoing basis. This was especially noticeable after I started working for NetSuite instead of contracting, because I was no longer doing all of my work on my own personal laptop everyday. Continue reading


Countism App Icon

Countism is a mobile app idea that I have been working on and thinking about for a long time. Even though I have been thinking of the idea for a while and even did some initial work, I did not plan to actually build and release the app – that was always a question that was up in air. My initial work was really just experimental to see if it was something I could build easily enough to make it worth the effort, and to see if my idea would be viable in app form.

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