Over my many years as a web developer, I have created and accumulated many different side projects and open-source software projects. The highlights of my work is listed below, but it is nowhere near a complete or exhaustive list of my works.

Check out my GitHub profile if you want to see more.


Frisby.js – An API testing framework written in Node.js that uses Jest as the test runner. Frisby.js hits real APIs (test/dev/sandbox hopefully!), and verifies the results with assertions for status codes, JSON structures and types, and more. The NPM package Gets over 10k downloads/week.


I co-founded the non-profit Techlahoma Foundation to help build and solidify the local tech community in the state of Oklahoma (where I currently live). I have served on the board in various positions since founding, including Treasurer and President.

In just a few short years, Techlahoma has grown to support 39 monthly technology groups across the state of Oklahoma along with 2 major annual conferences and a bunch of other community focused events like workshops, job fairs, and mixers.

ThunderPlains Developer Conference

I co-founded the ThunderPlains Developer Conference, which has run consecutively from 2013 to present. It is one of Techlahoma’s biggest fundraisers, and consistently sells around 250-300 tickets. ThunderPlains is also one of the region’s largest web/JS focused conferences.


By far the most popular open source project I have ever made (see phpdotenv on Packagist). Included by default in Laravel and many other frameworks and development kits


Popular and simple PHP validation library with no dependencies. GitHub project page. Has over 600k downloads on Packagist.