A Modern PHP OpenX API Client

November 19, 2014

I released a new OpenX REST API Client that works with the newest OpenX v4 REST API. It uses Guzzle v4.x and the oauth-subscriber plugin. It is available on Packagist, uses the PSR-4 autoloader, and is properly namespaced. It took a bit of effort to put together, so I hope you enjoy using it, and I hope it saves you a lot of time.

What About the Official Client?

I didn’t really want to have to write a custom client library to use the OpenX API, but the official PHP library was very outdated, both in terms of code and composer autoload-friendliness. It has been updated to work with v4 API, but the README and docs in the library itself don’t say that, and only mention API v3. It has no namespaces, and can’t be autoloaded just by using the class names.

Beyond just code and style issues, the offical client is based on Zend Framework 1 components, when ZF2 has been around for a few years now. I also have a bias against ZF components, because they are not very de-coupled, and have a tendency to require nearly the rest of the entire framework when using them. I don’t want to include half of Zend Framework just to make a few API calls. Now, I don’t have to!

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