Building a Custom Swing Set

October 26, 2018

Sometimes it’s good to spend some time away from the computer and do some real hands-on work. Last weekend I planned and built a swing set for my 3 kids to use and enjoy, and to encourage them to spend more time outdoors. It turned out pretty big – I used 10-foot long supports and a 16-foot long top beam this time around instead of 8-foot supports and a 12-foot beam like last time.

Future plans include a fort attached to the right side as well – perhaps in the spring :).

Materials List:

Total cost was about $400. And while I realize that is a bit expensive for a swing set alone, this thing is going to last. The quality and durability of this one was worth the cost. Even my wife and I can swing without worry. It will also have a fort attached to it eventually, so custom built with wood was the way to go.

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