New Blog, Design – Finally Getting Started

September 17, 2008

After a long time sitting on the sidelines of the whole blogging/social media trend, I finally decided to jump in headfirst with a new Twitter account and this blog. I’ve been watching the new trends carefully and building websites and writing code for them, but up until now, hadn’t actually jumped on the bandwagon to start blogging myself. A big thanks goes out to my local RefreshOKC group and to Dustin Brewer, a co-worker with a CSS/Design blog for pushing me over the edge to actually hop on the blogging train.

The primary focus of this blog will be on my daily adventures in advanced PHP coding, Javascript, and general web development. The goal will be to supply code, resources, and helpful articles to those who are also coding or learning object-oriented PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, or other web technologies. And of course, there may be occasional deviance from the main focus, though my posts will still be web-related and relevant to anyone in the Internet industry. My adventures in blogging begin… Now.

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