New Blog Design

June 12, 2019

Finally, a blog that doesn’t look like every other blog out there. I had a simple and clean design up for a while that was mostly white, but so does everyone else. I had a little urge to go back to the days where websites were fun and custom, and you could instantly tell whose website you were on as it started loading. Here is my new design, as of June 2019:

New blog design as of June 2019

I had briefly created and activated a separate StarCraft-themed design, but I decided to scrap that one after only about a month, because it was just too dark for me. I still wanted a lighter feel to the design, while remaining distinct and instantly recognizable.

Here is a screenshot of the StarCraft-themed design I had activated for a little while, if you are curious:

StarCraft themed design that was breifly used for around a month in 2019