Presentation Slides From Tulsa TechFest 2008

October 13, 2008

Well Tulsa TechFest is over, and it was a pretty good conference overall. Here are the slides of my presentations at the conference for those who are interested. I have voice recordings of both my presentations too, but unfortunately the digital recorder I bought has no way of directly accessing the files stored in memory to move or copy them to a computer. It just has a line in/out like the old cassette recorders. What’s the point in making a digital recorder if there’s no USB cable or anything to get directly to the files? Huh Sony? Anyways – I didn’t have the cable required to re-record the audio on my computer, so I’ll probably pick one up and make videos of these presentations a little while later. But for now, you can at least enjoy the slides.

Procedural to Object-Oriented: The Benefits of Using Object-Oriented PHP

The first presentation of mine was about object-oriented PHP programming, focusing on the many benefits it offers over a more procedural style of programming that seems to be very common in the PHP community.

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Building a Data Mapper with PHP5 and the Standard PHP Library

And my second “surprise” presentation was on my PHP DataMapper project, and the steps and thought processes I went through while building it. I say “surprise” here because another presenter had dropped out due to a scheduling conflict, and I found out I was going to be doing a second presentation in his time slot the day before the conference. Surprise!

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