Speaking at Confoo Vancouver 2016

December 7, 2016

I was happy to be invited to speak at Confoo Vancouver 2016. I have spoken at Confoo Montreal in the past (2011, 2012), and it is always a very informative and well run conference.

You Don’t Know Node.js

Node.js can be a powerful platform used in the right situations, but it also has more footguns than PHP does for new developers. Asynchronous programming style, concurrency issues, error handling, the event loop, and no default timeouts for HTTP requests or network calls will give new developers more than their fair share of troubles. This talk gives a thorough introduction to node.js and the event loop model, and covers common pitfalls to avoid.

Source: https://github.com/vlucas/presentation-slides-you-dont-know-nodejs/
Slides: https://vlucas.github.io/presentation-slides-you-dont-know-nodejs/

Effective Browser JavaScript Debugging

Did you know that your web browser has a full suite of built-in JavaScript debugging tools? With the developer tools in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, you can debug JavaScript on the fly with breakpoints, watch expressions, an interactive REPL with autocomplete, and much more. Learn how to troubleshoot bugs and memory leaks like a pro, armed with the same web browser you already use everyday – no extra plugins or downloads required.

Content: https://github.com/vlucas/presentation-slides-js-browser-debugging/
Slides: https://vlucas.github.io/presentation-slides-js-browser-debugging/